Registration for our March 17th luncheon is now Open. 

Registration closes at noon on Sunday, March 15th.

Our speaker is Nicole Tellado, a Systems Integration/Test Engineer for Lockheed Martin working on the Orion spacecraft.  She’ll provide a talk on Orion Flight Certification Testing.  CLICK HERE to register now or contact Bev Merrilees at 321-452-5426 or


New Spaceport Magazine Available Online

In the January/February 2020 issue:

  • SpaceX completes In-Flight Abort Test
  • Solar Orbiter embarks on mission to face the Sun
  • Kennedy Look Ahead: 2020
  • OSCAR launches on Blue Origin New Shepard rocket
  • Team practices booster stacking for Artemis missions
  • Looking Back: From Spaceport News to Spaceport Magazine
  • Remembering Our Heritage
  • The many stories of the Vehicle Assembly Building 

Check out the January/February 2020 issue of Spaceport Magazine on the ISSUU digital newsstand here.

To download or view the accessible PDF version or view past PDF issues of the magazine, go to


2019 Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel Report


“Now that I’m retired, what can I do to help the space program?”

1. Join the NASA Alumni League

2. Sign up to Become a KSC Docent

3. Check out the Photo ID Project 


Here’s a hot link to a pretty good article by NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine on the NASA effort to integrate its lunar and Mars programs effectively:

You might want to pass it along to your friends and colleagues who are space enthusiasts.


In case you want to link up with some of your NASA and Contractor friends, there are two monthly breakfasts available to you.

  • The first Tuesday of the month there’s a breakfast at the Village Inn in Titusville ( starting at 7:30 a.m.  Many arrive before then; come and join us!    CLICK HERE for some photos.

  • The fourth Monday of the month there’s a breakfast at the Island Gecko Grill on Merritt Island ( starting at 8:30 a.m.  Bring a good appetite!



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