Larry Hendersin’s Bio

Larry Hendersin is a computer expert who has worked in the field of computing as long as there was such a field.

Born in Wisconsin, he graduated from DeVry University in Chicago, and in 1972 went to work for Digital Equipment Corporation in Massachusetts. At the time DEC was one of the largest developer and manufacturer of mini-computers in the world.

Possibly because of his mid-western roots, he recognized that small companies, with only a handful of specialized computers needed access to the same type of experts that large companies did if they were to succeed and be competitive in the world. Small companies could not afford to hire full-time computer experts and Larry next went to work for a number of smaller companies like Varian Data Machines in Irvine, California that serviced smaller business accounts across the country.

After a stint in Ft. Lauderdale with ModComp, he decided the form his own company and relocated to Cocoa Beach where he founded Hendersin Technical Systems in 1994. He soon shortened the name to HTS Computers  and until recently custom built and serviced computers for individuals and small businesses in the area. Today he has closed his store- front location and continues a consulting business from his home.

He is also a Radio Amateur and a member of the local group that has special dispensation from the FCC to broadcast space launches and is part of the emergency organization that would deal with any danger to the area outside the space center as well as in case of natural disasters.