Dale Ketcham’s Briefing, Photos, and Bio


NASA Alumni League 16Jan18



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Dale Ketcham, Space Florida’s Vice President, Government & External Relations and Ch

ief of Strategic Alliances.

Dale Ketcham currently serves as Space Florida’s Vice President Government & External Relations . In this role, Ketcham utilizes existing and developing networks to advantage the State of Florida as the recognized leader in the civil, commercial and military space marketplace through innovation, collaboration and influence.

Dale spent 30 years at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) working with major contractors, 8(a)’s, the U.S. Congress, Enterprise Florida and the University of Central Florida.

After receiving his degree in philosophy from the University of Florida, Dale returned to Cocoa Beach. He worked for Rockwell International in the Shuttle Program for 10 years, then spent four years as District Director for Congressman Jim Bacchus, who represented the KSC area on the Space Subcommittee in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Dale then returned to the private sector, becoming Director of Business Development for AJT & Associates, a private engineering firm working with NASA as well as the U.S. Navy and Air Force and airports around the country.

Immediately prior to Space Florida, Dale served as Director of the Spaceport Research & Technology Institute (SRTI) at KSC and Director of Space and Defense Programs with Ente

rprise Florida, the State of Florida’s economic development agency.

Over the last few decades, Dale has managed political campaigns for City Commission, Port Authority, local bond referendums and two Congressional races.

Dale spoke about the commercial space activities in place at KSC and the emerging new players, as well as the relationships among the NASA, Air Force, and Space Florida activities and agreements, current and planned.  He provided important insights into the challenges Florida faces in retaining key elements of aerospace industry support and responded to questions about the next steps in the rapidly changing options and expected opportunities facing Florida’s Space Coast.