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Exploring Space: Opening New Frontiers by Dr. Al Koller

Sixty years of space history at Florida’s Spaceport

Ike Rigell was a Marine Veteran of World War II.  After honorably fighting for his country at the battles of Iwo Jima, Midway, Saipan, and Tinian, Ike went on to earn a degree from on of the top engineering schools in the country, Georgia Tech.  after graduation, he went to work for the Army Ballistic Missile Agency (ABMA), which was later transferred to NASA in 1960.

At NASA, Ike was an original member of the launch team at Cape Canaveral, Florida.  He was a member of the launch team for the Free World’s first satellite, Explorer  I (1958), the Free World’s first man in space (1961), Chief Engineer and Deputy Director for all Apollo Space Program launches, Skylab, and Director of Operations for the Apollo-Soyuz launch in 1975.

After his time at NASA, he worked for ten more years in the space program for United Technologies and retires as the Vice President of USBI, Florida Operations.  His memoir is filled with personal stories and observations about his life and his experiences in ways that make it easy to relate.