Photo ID Project

This project is designed to capture the names of as many people as possible from photographs of past programs at KSC and Cape Canaveral AFS. Use the search box for your names. This section contains subtopics for each major area.  Please click on each topic and leave comments (names, corrections, suggestions, etc.) in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

If you see format issues such as wrap around on lists of names, consider changing the font size in your browser or your screen resolution. What users see varies depending on their screen setup and browser. Please note that the photos you initially

see below are icons- you must click on them to open the photo and click again to enlarge.

Please number each line of your input to match the listing for each photo. We’ll review and add/correct our listing based on your input. Thanks for your help!

Most of these pictures have been scanned from NASA or Air Force sources. Many of them came from the KSC Archives, thanks to archivist Elaine Liston. Credit for providing other images go to Jonathan Ward for a number of them, and to Jane Ward for help in listing names and spelling. Credit  also for a number of images to John Hilliard, and to Steven Kovachevich, Charlie Mars, Ike Rigell, Reed Barnett, Paul Kolasky, and Curly Chandler. Contractor managers that provided names to the pictures include Pat Yount, Gene Spielger, George Smith, Fred Cordia, Lee Solid, Bill Heink, H. H. Luetjen, and Bud Powell. Ed Fannin, Curly Chandler, and Bob Sieck were a great help identifying people.

NOTE:  No copyright protection is asserted for these photographs. If a recognizable person appears in any photograph, use for commercial purposes may infringe a right of privacy or publicity. It may not be used to state or imply the endorsement by NASA employees of a commercial product, process or service, or used in any other manner that might mislead. Accordingly, it is requested that if any photograph is used in advertising and other commercial promotion, layout and copy be submitted to NASA prior to release.

Vintage KSC Group Pictures

Vintage Spaceport News

Vintage KSC Organization Charts

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Apollo Contractors



Space Shuttle

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