Apollo 17 Launch Team

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The top row of the LCC after the T-30 sec cutoff

The top row of the Firing Room after cutoff of the launch sequence at T-30”;  You can see the concern on the faces of our managers. Click on photos to expand.

After the cutoff at T-30 secs

After the cutoff at T-30 secs














1. Richard Smith, 2. Dr. Hans Gruene, 3. Graydon Corn, 4. Dr. Kurt Debus,  5. John Williams,  6. Walt Kapryan, 7. Dr. Bob Gray, 8. Rocco Petrone, 9. Ike Rigell,


The Launch Team after the Apollo 17 launch

Apollo 17 numbered


1. Tip Talone


2. Bill Schick


6. Jim Schofield


9. Ed Witt


12. Alan Shepard


15. Bill Holmes


16. Elmer Neal


18. Hal Eaton

19. George Smith

20. Bob Young

21. Al Koller

23. Jo Ann Morgan

24. Max Taylor


26. Joe Smith


28. Pete Minderman


29. Sherm Evans


35. Wayne Richie


58. Tommy Marsh



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