Saturn Launch History and Index

SA-1 through SA-4 launch vehicles were the Saturn 1 first stage and a dummy upper stage. SA-5 through SA-10 included a live SIV second stage with a Pegasus payload on SA-8, 9, and SA-10. The SA-6 through SA-10 launches had NASA Headquarters assigned mission numbers of A-101 through A-105. In the list below, click on the underlined vehicle or mission numbers to jump to their page.

Saturn I SA-1 SA-1 27-Oct-61 LC-34
Saturn I SA-2 SA-2 25-Apr-62 34
Saturn I SA-3 SA-3 16-Nov-62 34
Saturn I SA-4 SA-4 28-Mar-63 34
Saturn I SA-5 SA-5 29-Jan-64 LC-37B
Saturn I SA-6 A-101 28-May-64 37B
Saturn I SA-7 A-102 18-Sep-64 37B
Saturn I SA-9 A-103 16-Feb-65 37B
Saturn I SA-8 A-104 25-May-65 37B
Saturn I SA-10 A-105 30-Jul-65 37B
Saturn IB SA-201 AS-201 26-Feb-66 34
Saturn IB SA-203 AS-203 5-Jul-66 37B
Saturn IB SA-202 AS-202 25-Aug-66 34
Saturn V SA-501 Apollo 4 9-Nov-67 LC-39A
Saturn IB SA-204 Apollo 5 22-Jan-68 37B
Saturn V SA-502 Apollo 6 4-Apr-68 39A
Saturn IB SA-205 Apollo 7 11-Oct-68 34
Saturn V SA-503 Apollo 8 21-Dec-68 39A
Saturn V SA-504 Apollo 9 3-Mar-69 39A
Saturn V SA-505 Apollo 10 18-May-69 LC-39B
Saturn V SA-506 Apollo 11 16-Jul-69 39A
Saturn V SA-507 Apollo 12 14-Nov-69 39A
Saturn V SA-508 Apollo 13 11-Apr-70 39A
Saturn V SA-509 Apollo 14 31-Jan-71 39A
Saturn V SA-510 Apollo 15 26-Jul-71 39A
Saturn V SA-511 Apollo 16 16-Apr-72 39A
Saturn V SA-512 Apollo 17 7-Dec-72 39A
Saturn V SA-513 Skylab 1 14-May-73 39A
Saturn IB SA-206 Skylab 2 25-May-73 39B
Saturn IB SA-207 Skylab 3 28-Jul-73 39B
Saturn IB SA-208 Skylab 4 16-Nov-73 39B
Saturn IB SA-210 ASTP 15-Jul-75 39B

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