Spaceport News of July 24, 1975

This edition of the Spaceport News (KSC’s employee newspaper) carried photographs and interviews with members of the Launch Team. The paper was issued on the day of the ASTP Apollo Capsule splash down and can be read by clicking on the PDF link below. Page 6 was omitted, but did not carry any of the interview. Names of the Launch Team members interviewed are shown below.

Page 3, in the picture at top Dick Thornburg is in the background over Dobryin’s shoulder on left. To right top row; Randy Youmans is just over Fletcher’s left shoulder, and to the right is Tip Talone.

Page 5, Note in the top left picture of the SA-1 launch blockhouse; Dr Von Braun is on the far periscope, Albert Zeiler is on the near periscope. In the middle, Dr. Debus is on the left looking at his console and Rocco Petrone on the right.

Page 6, missing in this copy, does not contain names from the interview.

Page 8 shows the LVO contractor group pictures taken in an unused firing room. These pictures are shown in good resolution with the people numbered and identified in the Apollo Contractor section. You must click on the picture to have it open up. Click again to magnify. Click here to jump to that section.

Names by page:

Page 4 text;

Bill Scott

Carroll R. Rouse

Art Sawyer

Billy Melton

J. Tal Webb

Harold “Digger” O’Dell

Kiyoshi Yamasaki

James Schofield

Joe Eckhoff

Creath Dean, Sr.

Bob Claudio

Kelly Fiorentino

Spaceport News

Click to open:

Spaceport News, Jul.24, 1975

Page 5 text;

James Ford

Eugene Branson

Tom Lookabaugh

Royce English

Ebbe Henning

Tom Sherrington

Sid Holloway

Paul Thomas

Al Holden

Bill Waugh

Page 7 text;

Paul Donnelly

Norm Carlson

Skip Chauvin

Gary Powers

William Schick




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