Mercury Atlas

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Photos are courtesy of J. L. Pickering.

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Mercury-Atlas 6 (MA-6) was the third human spaceflight for the US and the first to orbit the Earth. John Glenn in Friendship 7 was launched Feb 20, 1962.

MA-6 Atlas Launch Team

The second photo below has the people numbered. The list of names is in work. Click on the photo to expand it until the numbers are legible.


MA-6 Launch Team Hi Res

191-MA6-134-62MA6-213_members of launch team at Complex 14 N

If you can provide a name or a correction, please give us a comment in the form below. The people are numbered in three rows left to right. Refer to the row as front or bottom, middle, and back or top as well as the number when identifying an individual.


 Front, Bottom

1 Maj. Jack Mulady

7 Capt. Jeffery Deutsch

11 Ray McCoy

12 Jim Weber

15 Dave Parrish

16 Les Campbell

18 Jim Rodriguez

21 Ken Newton

22 Sid Brooks

27 Harry Potter

30 John Glenn

31 Spence Henshaw

34 Tom O’Malley

35 Scott Carpenter

36 Harry Packer

45 Benjamin Franklin Price


1 Art Gaudet

4 Burt Benninghoff

21 Bob Baxter

34 John W. Steinmetz

35 George Downey

40 Gene Gilmore

46 Ott Meotti

48. Bill Heer

53 Bob Goldinger

Back, Top

1 Wilford “Bucket” Milikin

3. John Pope

4 Hank Croskeys

6 Jim Starkey

8 Basil Smith

9 Ed Stuart

12 Howard Marion

16 Jim Starkey

20 Jim Keatley

26 Jay Cooper

31 Ed McGee

39 Ben Price

43 Lee Solid

46 Paul Downey

53 Jerry Pruitt

54. Jerry Groah

MA-6 Mercury Capsule Blockhouse Launch Team

This Blockhouse Launch Team photograph is courtesy of J. L. Pickering.The list of names is in work. If you can provide names or corrections, please provide a comment in the box below.    Click on the photo below to enlarge

156-MA6-105-62MA6-32_Complex 14 blockhouse_1.21



2. John Williams (?)

3. Paul Donnelly

4. H. H. Luetjen

5. Bill Mosley

6. Walt Kapryan

7. Karl Kovitz

8. (8,9,10,11-NASA Aeromed & Instrumentation)




12. Bob Heine

13. John Otten

14. Jerry Roberts

15. Norm Beckel

16. Jim Means




MA-7 May 24, 1962 copy



1. M. Scott Carpenter





MA-9 Mercury Capsule Launch Team courtesy of Charlie Mars

The Yellow hats are NASA, and Green hats McDonald Douglas (except the two Astronauts).

Click on the photo to enlarge

MA-9 Mercury Capsule Launch Team

MA-9 Mercury Capsule Launch Team



1           Don Corcoran

2           Paul Donnelly

3           Gordon Cooper

4           Wally Schirra

5           Ralph Gendilee

6           Bill Mosely

13        Mark Guidry

16        Guy Witherington

22        Bob Heine

26        Bill Criddle

27        Jim Means

28        Bud Powell

35        Chuck Clary

36        Charlie Vaughn

42        Jim Walker

46        Bill Stelges

51        John Janokaitis

65        Larry Bell

70        Herb Crib

“Old Mercury Troops”

Picture taken at George M. Brashear’s retirement, Feb 25, 1999. George was a QC manager for NASA contractors for Mercury through Space Shuttle.

George Brashear, George Page, Tom O'malley

Left to right; George M. Brashear QC Supurvisor for Mercury through Space Shuttle, George Page NASA Manager, Tom O’malley Manager for Rockwell. Taken by C. T. Reece who was a QC Inspector on Mercury.


  1. MA-6 Blockhouse
    5-Bill Mosley
    7-Karl Kovitz
    8,9,10,11-NASA Aeromed and Instrumentation
    12-Bob Heine
    13-John Otten
    14-Jerry Roberts
    15-Norm Beckel
    16-Jim Means

  2. MA-6
    5. Bill Mosely
    14. Jerry Roberts
    15. Norm Beckel
    16. Jim Means


    5. Ralph Gendilee

    How quickly we forget. Sorry Frank, that is all I could add. I am forwarding the email to Hulen Luetjen. He may be able to add more.

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