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Operation Hardtack for the Redstone was two launches from Johnston Island in the Pacific Ocean as part of the series of U.S. nuclear tests in August 1958. Each Redstone carried a nuclear warhead to high altitude where it was detonated.

These pictures were taken of the Redstone Hardtack Launch Crew onsite. The third one was Xerox copied onsite at Johnston Island, numbered, and names listed. We have numbered the people in this picture to match the copy and retyped the names below.

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Hardtack 2

Hardtack Redstone Launch Team

Hardtack, 1958, numbered

Hardtack Redstone Launch Team numbered










1. Dr Debus

2. Albert Zeiler

3. Karl Sendler

4. Neal Rainwater

5. J. B. Russel

6. Del Marondi

7. Barney Kinnerly

8. Charles Thoman

9. Carl Jones

10. Wayne Mills

11. Harry Shockey

12. Ed Fannin

13. Richard Jenke

14. Bob Moser

15. V. L. Pinson

16. John Avery

17. Bill Wright

18. C. A. Reid

19. G. I. (unknown)

20. Clem Lambert

21. Ray Rich (MSFC)

22. Dan McMath

23. Eberhard Reese

24. Ira Thomason

25. ___ Ward (Co-op)

26. Charlie Taylor

27. Ted Hershey

28. Frank Byrne

29. Kelly Fiorentino

30. Milt Chambers

31. _____ (MSFC)

32. John Twigg

 33. Carrol Rouse

34. Comer Bryan

35. Ed Hopton

36. Bill Bush

37. Ronald Crain

38. Jim Fitzgerald

39. Windom Hanes

40. V. Herron

41. Joe Lendle

42. Marty Hagood

43. Hiram (Red) Ealy

44. Herb Daft

45. George Mathews

46. Daryl Varnedoe

47. ________

48. Lt. Davidson


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