Vintage Spaceport News Articles

In the three years prior to the Apollo 11 lunar landing, some issues of the Spaceport News carried articles on and interviews with KSC personnel, and stories of the Launch Complex. These provide a window on the historic Mission. We plan to list the people’s names below so that search engines can find them.

Click on the underlined titles below to download a pdf version of the paper.

1. “Public Bus Tours off to a Resounding Start”, includes some people, LC-37 Comm, ¬†and LC-39 Mobile Service Structures & Firing Rooms

Spaceport News Vol.5, No.29 Aug.4, 1966


2. “Savings Bond Drive Ends Sucessfully”, includes people and LC-39 Firing Rooms

Spaceport News Vol.6, No.14 Jul.6, 1967


3. ” Savings Bond Drive Will Kick Off May 1″, includes some of the LVO Launch Team, Apollo 8, AS-205, WTR

Spaceport News Vol.7, No.9 Apr.25, 1968


4. “Countdown Looms For Launch of Historic Apollo 11 Mission”, includes Contractor roles, KSC office responsibilities for launch operations, names of contractor and NASA key personnel.

Spaceport News Vol.8, No.14 Jul.3, 1969


5. “US Lands Men on Moon”, summarizes mission, lists key officials for Program

Spaceport News Vol.8, No.15 Jul.23, 1969

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