Launch Vehicle Operations Orientation Booklet

In the Fall of 1971 NASA was recruiting for young engineers at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida as the Apollo Program entered its final launches.  Twenty seven engineers were expected to arrive at the Center for orientation into a variety of KSC organizations.  One of those organizations – the Launch Vehicle Operations Directorate (LVO) – prepared a handbook to serve as an orientation manual for introducing those new engineers to the organization, providing them a basic understanding of the history, structure, and operations of KSC in general and LVO in particular.  They were scheduled to visit groups across the Center and eventually were assigned to those where their skills and interests were best matched.

As it turns out, the LVO “handbook” provides an interesting and comprehensive overview of KSC from a historic perspective.  It’s available here for download and is in the public domain.  We hope you enjoy this peek into LVO at that time.

CLICK HERE for a copy of “Welcome to Launch Vehicle Operations – John F. Kennedy Space Center”.