Vintage KSC Group Pictures

This group contains group pictures not associated with a particular program.

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                                 Our Leaders

                                                    1950’s or 60’s


Dr Debus, Dr Gruene, Albert Zeiler, and Karl Sendler


                      Dr Debus in Blockhouse 56

below; Electrical Guidance & Control Systems Division, LVO

About 1959

5n copy


1 Richard Jenke

2 Carl Whiteside

3 Harry Clark

4 Jim Terry

5 Milt Chambers


7 Charlie Turner

8 John Twig


10 Tom Allen

11 Harry Barnes

12 Jack Fagan


14 Curly Chandler


16 Bill Wheeler

17        Hensley

18 Bill Wright

19 Bob Ostrander


21 Jack Phlieger

22 Richard Deagro

23 Carner Dowling

24 Jim Davidson

25 Jim Jollay

26 John Perkinson

27 Russel Clay

28 Bill Jaffries

29 Ike Rigell

30 Jean Greenfield

31 Dr. Hans Gruene

32 Bob Moser

33 Herb Daft

34 John Avery

35 Mac McCreary

Albert Zeiler Retirement Party

Zeiler retirement party numbered


 1. Karl Sendler

2. Barney Kinnerly

3. Otis Ledbetter

4. John Twig

5. Bob Gorman

6. Dr Kurt Debus

7. Jay Campbell

8. Bill Stealey

9. Albert Zeiler


10. Joe Lendle

11. J.B. Russell

13.         Watson

14. Creighton Garrett

15. Dr Hans Gruene

16. Ed Fannin

17. Ike Rigell

18. Tommy Pantoliano

19. Jose Gonzalez



Early 1960’s


Names, left to right

1 Emil Bertram


3  Jim Finn

4 W. O. “Curly” Chandler

5 Dr Kurt Debus

6 Rocco Petrone

7 Jim Russo



100 Missile Club, Jan 1959



Names, left to right;


1 William Chandler

2 James Davidson

3 Robert Moser

4 Robert Green

5 Orval Sparkman

6 Frank Childers

7 Lester Owens

8 James Jackson

9 Reuben Wilkinson


1 Albert Zeiler

2 Ike Rigell

3 Grady Williams

4 Theodore Poppel

5 W. L. Gant

6 J. B. Russell

     Walt Kapryan’s Management Team 1972 Apollo 17

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Left to Right

Bob Gray (partially hidden), Bill Shick, Paul Donnelly, Walt Kapryan (seated), George Smith (IBM behind Kappy), Bob Weaver (NAR behind Smith), Roscoe Nicholson (RD),

Bob Moser (behind Nicholson), Ike Rigell, Bill Holmes (Boeing), Hans Gruene, Bob Earhart (IBM), ?, ?, Don Oswald, Wiley Williams (GAEC), George Page, Ted Sasseen, Tom O’Malley (NAR), and John Williams

     NASA QC   Class of 1966

above Names:

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QC Techniques Grads, 1966

QC Techniques Grads, 1966


2. John Barrow

3. Jesse Cook


5. Bill Stealey

6. Instructor


7. Harry Barnes

8. Mel Campbell

9. C. V. Hughes

10. Ira Thompson

Dr. Hans Gruene and group

Early 1960’s


Above left to right; John Bell, Dr. Gruene, Bill Wheeler, Curly Chandler

Humorous Award Presentation

Late 1950’s

18n copy


1 Carrol Rouse

2 Jim Davidson

3 Curly Chandler

4 Bill Wheeler


 STS Awards Group

This picture, dated Jan 16, 1988, labeled “STS AWARD PHOTOS. (R1, FRS. 1-3, 5-20) (663) (do) may be those receiving awards given for the Return To Flight Effort. A name list is in work. If you have comments, please use the box below.

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STS Awds N



5 Jim Jollay


7 Jim Finn

8 Al Koller



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