Billy Stover’s Briefing, Photos, and Bio

Stover Briefing, Commercial Crew Ops


NALFL Luncheon, 11-21-2017.  Click each photo to enlarge.

Billy Stover’s Bio –

I grew up in Titusville, FL and graduated High School from Astronaut High School, received my undergraduate degree from Tennessee Technological University, and my graduate degree from University of Miami.

Started working at KSC in 1987 as a systems engineer as part of the Shuttle Processing Contract and continued in increasing roles through Systems Specialist and eventually Engineering Manager.   My expertise is in Ground Processing, Systems engineering, and Program/project management.

I was a certified member of the Prime Space Shuttle Launch Team.   I began working for NASA in May 2004 as a Ground Projects Branch Project Engineer.  I was the KSC Shuttle Processing Directorate lead of STS-114 RTF Design Certification Review Team.

I am currently Deputy Chief Safety Officer (CSO) for Commercial Crew Program (CCP) responsible for Safety and Mission Assurance (S&MA) technical authority to the program.   As Technical Authority I am responsible for ensuring safety policy, processes, and requirements applicable to CCP are being implemented correctly.  During my time in CCP I have also worked as Chief of the Commercial Crew Program S&MA Office at Kennedy Space Center and acting CSO.  I previously worked in the Space Transportation Planning office helping develop the architecture and program structure for the 21st Century Space Launch Complex at KSC.  My experience includes being the Ground Systems Manager for the Launch Vehicle Processing Directorate and being responsible for developing Launch Site/System architectures and ensuring that the associated ground systems, equipment, and facilities are being designed, constructed, and tested to support the existing and new program’s needs for a Launch Complex.   I lead an agency wide working group in updating and rewriting the NASA Standard for Ground Support Equipment Design and Fabrication for all future programs.  I was also the Ares I-X Ground Systems IPT Integration Manager/Deputy responsible for concept, development, and implementation of all the necessary modifications to facilities, systems, and hardware to make KSC Ares I-X capable

Professional Awards –

NASA Honor Award – Outstanding Leadership Medal

Space Flight Awareness Award – Silver Snoopy

Certified Professional Manager

NASA Group Achievement Awards

NASA Public Service Award

NASA Certificate of Commendations

Andy Petro Engineering Excellence Award

Personal –

I am married with 3 sons (ages 24, 22, and 19).  I enjoy fishing, hunting, reading, golf, cooking, and most any kind of sports.  I love to coach and enjoy teaching.  Try to spend as much time with my sons as they will allow.