Bob Cabana Briefing and Photos

Cabana NAL Luncheon 1016r

Center Director Robert D. Cabana

Hi, I’m Bob Cabana, director of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center here in Florida – America’s gateway to space. From launching the first Americans into space from Cape Canaveral, to launching humans to the moon, we’ve launched and carried the dreams of a nation.

As we transition from the Shuttle Program to future endeavors, the Kennedy workforce remains focused on NASA’s core values: safety, integrity, teamwork and excellence. We’ll continue to support International Space Station operations as the orbiting laboratory enters its second decade of discoveries. And we’re working together with commercial partners to make tomorrow’s missions a reality.

Kennedy is also home to NASA’s Launch Services Program. This program is responsible for launching satellites and robotic missions on journeys to learn more about our home planet and to unlock the secrets of the universe.

America’s space program challenges and inspires us. It’s our destiny to explore, to learn and reach beyond our known world. The space program expands our horizons. It makes life better for everyone on Earth, and it prepares us to cope with the unknowns that the future may hold. As we embark on new journeys to uncharted territories of the universe, I invite you to explore the Kennedy Space Center website to learn more about our vital role in America’s space program.