Scott Vangen Bio

Scott Vangen ,Human Spaceflight Architecture Team Technology Development Assessment Lead 

Scott Vangen is currently lead of the Technology Development Assessment Team for HEOMD Human Spaceflight Architecture Team (HAT), in addition the NASA lead for the International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG) Technology Working Group.  Mr. Vangen joined NASA at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in 1982, starting his career as an Experiment & Payloads Engineer for numerous space shuttle scientific payload missions.  Mr. Vangen served as an Alternate Payload Specialist (APS) astronaut for STS-67/Astro-2, an ultraviolet astronomy mission flown on Space Shuttle Endeavour in March 1995.  After completing assignments supporting International Space Station (ISS) ground assembly & checkout operations, Mr. Vangen was named the Chief Operating Officer for the KSC Space Life Sciences Lab in 2003, until he transitioned into the Constellation Program as the Deputy Project Manager for the Lunar Surface Systems Office in 2008.  He holds a B.S in Electrical Engineering from South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, and M.S. in Space Technology from Florida Institute of Technology.