Apollo 12 Launch Team

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Apollo 12 Top Row during CDDT

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Apollo 12 top row

Seated from front

Ike Rigell

Roy Godfrey

Dr Hans Gruene

Andy Pickett

Walt Kapryan

Ted Sasseen

Jack King





Apollo 12 Launch Team During CDDT 

Click on the photo several times to fully expand. The Firing Room rows are lettered “A” at left, then “B”, “C”, and “D” moving to the right. Row “D” is the last row on the raised part. To the right, the control consoles for the stages of the Saturn V are shown. Although we have not numbered these people, we solicit names to add to the list.

Apollo 12 CDDT

Apollo 12 CDDT



Row A

1 Ike Rigell

2 Roy Godfrey

3 Hans Gruene

4 Andy Pickett

5 Walt Kapryan

6 Kurt Debus


Row B

1 Randy Youmans

2 Ray Roberts

3 Eugene Sestile

5 Don Phillips

6 Paul Donnelly

7 Bob Moser

Row C

1 Jones Gaillard

2 Charles Hood

3 Billy Melton

4 Don Barker ?

5 John Perry ?

6 Kay Mecham ?

7 Jim Schofield

8 John Webb ?

9   Hayward Ducharme

10 William Rezanka

11 Edd Witt

16 Fleming Law

Row D

1 Dave Moja

2 Art Sawyer

3 Frank Bryan

4 Roy Lealman

5 Ed Fannin

6 Marion Edwards

7 Don Oswald

8 Bill Holmes

9 John Cully

10 Al Martin

11 Hal Eaton

12 George Smith

19 Joe Barfus

21 Pete Minderman


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