Apollo 13 Launch Team

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Apollo 13 LEM Grumman Team

Photos courtesy of John Hilliard

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A13 Grumman Crew



Front Row left to right

1.Wilber Alexander

2. Dick Phelps

3. Willie Gooden

4. Jim Mulliagain

5. Red Curbin


7. Elmer Lopez

8. Bill Simmons

9. Frank Duprey

Back Row

1. Bud Redmond

2. Ceazar Hernandez

3.         Peacock

4. Frank Bray

5. Bob German

6. Ray Marshall


8. Bob Nasaster

9. Charlie Miller

10. Flaps McCracken



13. Tony Taibi



The below photo is of the original list of names. Click to enlarge

A13 Grumman names


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