Apollo 14 Launch Team

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Apollo 14 Launch Team

Photo of rows D and C    Click to enlarge

Apollo 14 CDDT rows C & D numbered

Row D, left side;

1. Art Sawyer

2. Nels Roseland

3. Frank Bryan

4. Roy Lealman

5. Ed Fannin

6. Don Oswald

7. Bill Holmes, on Bill’s right, John Cully


Row C, right side with white jackets;

9. Jones A. Gaillard

10. Charles H. Hood

11. Ken Mecham

14. Hayward Ducharme

15. Bob Bruner

16. Edd Witt

Firing Room Layout click to enlarge

Apollo 14 LCC 2 layout

Apollo 14 Firing room Area A staffing list in part from the  Spaceport  News


Row A

1. Isom A. Rigell, Chief Engineer, KSC Launch Vehicle Operations

2. Dr. Hans F. Gruene, Director, KSC Launch Vehicle Operations

3. Richard G. Smith, MSFC Saturn V Program Manager

4. Graydon F. Corn, Chief, Propellants Branch, Launch Vehicle Operations

5. Rocco A. Petrone, Apollo Program Director

6. Walt Kapryan, KSC Launch Director

7. Dr. Kurt Debus, Director, KSC

8. Dr Robert Gray, Deputy Director of KSC Launch Operations

9. John J Williams, Director, KSC Spacecraft Operations

10. Colonel James McDivitt, MSC Apollo Program Manager

11. John (Jack) W. King, KSC Public Affairs


Row B

1. Eugene M. Sestille, Chief Launch Vehicle Test Conductor for Apollo 14

2. Norman M. Carlson, Launch Vehicle Test Conductor

3. John R. Copeland, Launch Vehicle Test Conductor

4. Richard H. Thornburg, Space Vehicle Test Supervisor

5. Charles F. Henschel, Chief Space Vehicle Test Supervisor for Apollo 14

6. Paul C. Donnelly, Associate Director of Launch Operations, serving as Launch Operations Manager

7. Robert E. Moser, head of the Test Planning Office, Launch Operations Directorate

8. John Heard, Manager for the Command Service Module

9. John Beeson, Manager for the Lunar Module

10. David Dysart, North American Rockwell, Assistant Manager for the Command Service Module

11. Charles Bartola, Grumman, Assistant Manager for the Lunar Module

12. Dennis A. Hajduk, Boeing, Space Vehicle Test Engineer


Row  C, Names and titles from source 1, Order from source 3 and 4

1. Jones A. Gaillard, Boeing Senior Test Conductor

2. Billy R. Melton, Boeing, Test Conductor

3. Donald L. Baker, Boeing Test Conductor Engineer

4. Charles H. Hood, Test Conductor Engineer

5. John Perry, North American Rockwell, Test Conductor, second stage

6. Kay L. Mecham, North American Rockwell, Assistant Test Conductor

7. James R. Schofield, McDonnell Douglas Test Conductor, third stage

8. John T. Webb, McDonnell Douglas Assistant Test Conductor

9. Edd C. Witt, IBM Complex Manager

10. William R. Rezanka, IBM Test Conductor, Instrument Unit

11. Hayward Ducharme, IBM Operations Engineer

12. Joseph F. Battaglia, Spacecraft LC-39 Operations Branch

13. Harold Sims, Spacecraft Acceptance Checkout Equipment Branch

14. Kenneth W. Smith, Spacecraft Acceptance Checkout Equipment Branch

15. Donald K. Slayton, Director of Flight Crew Operations, Astronaut Communicator

16. Fred W. Haise, Jr., Lunar Module Pilot on the Apollo 13 mission, Astronaut Communicator

17. Dr. Alan C. Harter, KSC’s Chief of Medical Services

18. Dr. John T. Teegan, Launch Site Medical Operations Branch, MSC

19. Dr. Charles A. Berry, Director of Medical Research and Operations, MSC



Row D

Table, Kelly Fiorentino and John Conaway, Instrumentation

0. David C. Moja, Electrical Networks (sat on end of row, no console)

Also Bill Haynes, Art Sawyer, Don Kelly, Electrical Networks

1. Nels Roseland, Electrical Networks

2. Frank G. Bryan, Engineering Staff Chief

3. Roy Lealman, Electrical G&C Systems Chief

4. Lionel E. Fannin, Mechanical and Propulsion Systems Chief

5. Marion D. Edwards, Instrumentation Chief

6. Donald R. Oswald, Quality Assurance Chief

7.  David F. Jaehne,  Engineering, S-1C Networks

8. William C. Holmes. Boeing Launch Operations Site Manager

9. John J. Cully, Boeing Saturn V Program Manager

10. Albert C. Martin, NAR, Operations Manager, second stage

11. Harold Eaton Jr., McDonnell Douglas Saturn/Apollo Program Director

12. George M. Smith, IBM, Test Operations Manager

13. Floyd M. Falkenberry, Bendix Systems Safety

14. Arthur J. Williams, Bendix Systems Safety

15. Sherman J. Evans, KSC Security and Safety Office

16. Steve W. Tatham, KSC Security and Safety Office

17. Robert E. Woods, KSC Safety Office

18. Lt. R. P. Wellborn, Range Safety of the Air Force Eastern Test Range

19. Max G. Taylor, Chief Instrumentation Controller, Technical Support Directorate

20. Joseph R. Smith, alternate Instrumentation Controller

21. Joseph N. Barfus, Chief Test Support Controller

22. Richard M. Gramling, Chief Test Support Manager

23. Jansen R. Davenport, Communications Controller

24.  Robert G. Young, Display Coordinator

25. Raymond L. Clark, Director, Technical Support Directorate


  1. My father was in the firing room for Apollo 14. I have his firing room pass but don’t see him listed here. I thinh he was the test conductor, John H. Lundy. If you could clarify this I would appreciate it. Badge # is 242

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