SA-1 Launch Team

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SA-1 Launch Team

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SA-1 Launch Team numbered reduced


















Names; 2. W. O. “Curly” Chandler, 3. Isom “Ike” Rigell, 4. Dr. Hans Gruene, 5. Carrol Rouse, 6. Jack Humphrey, 7. Larry Hill, 8. Jerry de la Rosa, 9. Milt Chambers, 10. Carl Whiteside, 11. Jim Terry, 12. Don Scoville, 19. John Avery


SA-1 Countdown Blockhouse LC-34 scan 300 lightned numbered

















Names; 2. Bobby Nelson, 3. Carner Dowling, 4. Tom Marsh, 7. Dewey Childs, 8. Bob Moser, 9. John Twigg, 10. Dr. Hans Gruene, 16. John Avery, 18. Albert Zeiler, 19. Boyd Anderson (Rocketdyne), 27. William C. Schneider, 30. Ron Shane

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