SA-5 Launch Team

The SA-5 mission, January 29, 1964, was the first time the Saturn I flew with two stages – the S-I first stage and the S-IVsecond stage. For the first time in the Apollo Program, the flight was an orbital mission.

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SA-5 Launch

SA-5 Launch


3 Kurt Debus

4 John Bell

5 John Twigg

6 Werner Von Braun

8 Jack King

9 Dick Deagro

10 John Churchwell

11 Bob Moser

12 General Sam Phillips

13 Herb Daft

14 Dale Armstrong

17 Jerry de la Rosa

18 Carrol Rouse

19 Ed Fannin

20 Terry Greenfield

22 W. O. Brown

23 Boyd Anderson

24 Andy Pickett

26 Carner Dowling

27 Bill Jafferis

28 John Avery

29 Ike Rigell

33 Gene Bishop

34 Tommy Marsh

41 Milt Chambers

In front of 46, Marty Hagood

scan0004n SA-5



2. W. O. Chandler

3. Gene Bishop



6. Eberhardt Rees



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