Mercury Redstone Teams

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Mercury Redstone 3, Launch of Al Shepard, Pad 5 Blockhouse.

MR3-576 Pad 5 blockhouse numbered


  1. J. L. Gonzalez
  2. Andy Pickett
  3. Ike Rigell
  4. Dr. Werner Von Braun
  5. G. Merritt Preston
  6. Albert Zeiler
  7. Dr. Kurt Debus
  8. Unknown.
  9. John Bell
  10. Bob Moser
  11. Terry Greenfield
  12. Curly Chandler
  13. Paul Donnelly
MR-3 Blockhouse

MR-3 Blockhouse


1. G. Merritt Preston

2. Dr. Wernher Von Braun

3. Paul Donnelly

4. W. O. “Curly” Chandler

5. Terry Greenfield

6. Isom “Ike” Rigell

7. Frank Bryan

8. Andrew “Andy” Pickett










1. John Bell

2. Jack Humphrey

3. Frank Bryan

4. Terry Greenfield


5. Ike Rigell

6. W. O. Chandler

7. Merritt Preston

8. Paul Donnelly


scan0006n MR-3



2. Walt Kapryan


4. Paul Donnelly

5. W. O. Chandler

6. Terry Greenfield

7. Ike Rigell

8. Jack Humphrey

9. Mac McCreary

Dr Von Braun & Gordon Cooper during MR3 recovery copy


1. Ted Ogelsby

2. Dr. Werhner von Braun

3. Emil Bertram

4. Gordon Cooper




Left Curly Chandler, right Ike Rigell, behind Curly Paul Donnelly with panel drawing

Spacecraft Consoles, Pad 5 Blockhouse

Both of the below photos are numbered – individuals have the same number.

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MR3-574_NOID_activity in Pad 5 blockhouse_5.5N

MR3-575B-NOID_activity in Pad 5 blockhouse N

Names for the two pictures above

1. H. H. Luetjen

3. Norm Beckel (Comm)

4. Bob McClean (ASCS)

5. John Otten (Pwr/Seq)

2. John Williams

17. Donald M. Corcoran

 Pad 5 Blockhouse
MR3 Blockhouse

MR3 Blockhouse


  1. “Mac” E. McCreary
  2. Sam Beddingfield
  3. Dr. Kurt Debus
  4. John Twigg
  5. W. O. “Curly” Chandler

MR4-118_noID_K Debus,H Gruene,I Rigell in Pad 5 blockhouse

Left to right, Dr. Debus, Dr. Gruene, Curly Chandler, Ike Rigell


Left, Curly Chandler, right, Ike Rigell

MR3 Blockhouse

MR3 Blockhouse

Left, Andy Pickett, partial behind Andy, Ike Rigell.

Right, Frank Bryan, far right partial, Terry Greenfield.


 MR3-606_NOID_Chandler,von Braun,Donnelly shortly after launch_5.5.61

Left to right, Curly Chandler, Dr. Von Braun, Paul Donnelly




Mercury Redstone 4, Launch of Gus Grissom


MR-4 Team

MR-4 Team


2. Dr. Kurt Debus

3. Emil Bertram

4. Paul Donnelly

5. Frank Bryan

6. “Mac” E. McCreary


 Launch Complex 5/6 Blockhouse and Ready Room

LOD-62-2684 P2442A


Blockhouse Personnel Layout

MR Blockhouse Personnel Layout


  MR-3 Blockhouse Personnel List




 Names from above list

Thomas H. Allen, Jr.         LOD

Dr. William J. Augerson    STG

John J. Avery, Jr.              LOD

N. F. Beckel                    MAC

John H. Bell                     LOD

Emil P. Bertram                LOD

William M. Bogart             LOD

Frank G Bryan                 LOD

Melvin E. Campbell           LOD

J. B. Carroll                     LOD

Milton Chambers              LOD

William O. Chandler, Jr.    LOD

S. T. Collura                    LOD

John Conlon                    STG

Leroy G. Cooper, Jr.         STG

Frank O. Coppedge          LOD

Donald M. Corcoran         STG

Herbert L. Daft                 LOD

James K. Davidson          LOD

Dr. Kurt H. Debus            LOD

Paul C. Donnelly              STG

Marion D. Edwards, Jr.      LOD

B. H. Estes                      MAC

J. J. Fitzgerald                 LOD

Bennett M. Fultz               LOD

R. B Funkhouser             LOD

J. L. Gonzalez                 LOD

Robert E. Gorman            LOD

R. A. Graham                  LOD

T. D. Greenfield                LOD

Jack A. Griffith                 LOD

Dr. Hans F. Gruene          LOD

Robert D. Hays                LOD

Robert F. Heiser               LOD

T. P. Hershey                   LOD

James R. Hiers                 STG

John T. Humphrey            LOD

Dr. Carmault Jackson       STG

Walter J. Kapryan             STG

Edward S. Lesky              STG

H. H. Luetjen                    MAC

Philip R. Maloney             STG

Thomas Martin                 LOD

Martin E. McCreary          LOD

R. J. Mclean                    MAC

Daniel C. McMath, Jr.       LOD

William R. Meyer              STG

Jacob C. Moser                STG

Robert E. Moser, Jr.             LOD

Ted L. Ogelsby                    LOD

J. J. Otten                           MAC

Andrew J. Pickett                 LOD

F. J. Powell                         MAC

G. Merritt Preston

Isom A. Rigell                       LOD

E. A. Rood                          MAC

Carl E. Roth                         STG

Karl Sendler                         LOD

William T. Sleeman              STG

C. A. Thoman                       LOD

Carl A. Whiteside                  LOD

R. L. Wilkinson                     LOD

F. Terry Williams                  STG

G. F. Williams                      STG

John J. Williams                   STG

John F. Yardley                    MAC

Albert Zeiler                          LOD

LOD –  Launch Operations Directorate

STG-  Space Task Group

MAC- McDonnell






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