Redstone 3

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Redstone 3 numbered, Feb or March, 1954

Redstone 3 at the entrance to Hanger O.

1. Bill Grafton

3. James Jackson

4. Homer Barkley

6. Reed Barnett

7. Albert Zeiler

9. Bob Gorman

10. Tom Pantoliano

11. C. A. Reed

13. A. J. Pickett

Redstone 3 Launch

The launch attempt on May 5,1954 was a failure. The Redstone lost power just after liftoff, fell back on the pad, and exploded.Two concrete tunnels connected the blockhouse to the pads. They were 4′ by 6’8″ and 5’8″ by 5’8″ by 6’8″, and had been stuffed with construction material. According to Ike Rigell, this material was blown back into the Blockhouse and into the launch team by the force of the explosion.

Blockhouse Pads 3 & 4















Blockhouse photo courtesy of the Air Force Space & Missile Museum. If you have information to share, please leave comments (names, corrections, suggestions, etc.) in the comment box at the bottom of the page for each topic.  Thanks.

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