Redstone, Tactical

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Tactical Redstone, April, 1956

Tactical Redstone, April, 1956

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  1. I Spoke to ISOM (Ike) Ridgel yesterday after a long absence. What a wonderful treat. I look forward to meeting my old friends.
    I was discharged from the Army on 27 September 1960 and went to work with W.O. Brown, and Bill Whitaker teaching Guidance and Control, Propellant Handling and Ground Operations at the IWST (Integrated Weapons System Training?) site at Huntsville, Alabama. This was under an Air Force Contract. The Training was on the Jupiter – C and occasionally the Redstone Guidance systems. The Redstone guidance was provided by the ST 120, Gyro complex. This was considerably before the ST- 90. The ST 120 was also the used in providing the ICBM guidance for the Jupiter C.
    The Redstone and Jupiter – C Guidance system was developed and tested on a stable platform in a building on Redstone Arsenal, Now Marshall Space flight Center.
    Most of the Chrysler contingency was transferred to Cape Canaveral, Florida where we worked as a team with NASA on the site activation and launch operation for the Saturn / Apollo and finally the Shuttle.
    At Cape Canaveral I met Bunk wolf. Bunk had participated in the launch and development of the Redstone while I was teaching launch operations and propellant loading at Huntsville.
    Good to be back home and I look forward to meeting my old friends.
    At Cape Canaveral and MILA my last position was as The External Tank Test Conductor for the 1st 4 Shuttles before being transferred to VAFB to activate the AF Shuttle site at SLIC -6. I was employed by Martin Marietta.

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